2H FY20 RFP Presentation

Presented by Jonathan Rosenfeld, Director of Demand Generation at Bython


Hi ! Welcome to the RFP Presentation

This presentation provides an overview into the proposed tactics listed within Bython Media's RFP for BMC Software. The plan emphasizes Branding and Awareness to generate form fills from Bython subscribers who match the Buyer Personas defined by BMC. A secondary feature of the proposal is related to performance based custom content. 

About Bython:

Bython Media is a full-service publishing and marketing company with a passion for helping businesses and brands succeed. We deliver data-driven marketing solutions, creative content, and dynamic media forms through a variety of digital media channels within the key business verticals of information technology, human resources, marketing, and finance to help advertisers reach new subscriber bases with engaging information.
  • Bython Media's core sites include BusinessWorldIT.com, TheDailyPlanIoT.com, List.Events, OnlineWhitePapers.com and TechFunnel.com
  • Bython reaches an audience of over 30 million globally.
  • Our core services include Account Based Marketing, Content Syndication, Demand Generation, Display and Programmatic. Clients include: Citrix, IBM, Kronos, LogMeIn, Microsoft, RedHat, Stratasys and Zenoss.

Presentation Contents:

Please click on each tactic proposed in the RFP to learn more